Pro StarCraft II Explained

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StarCraft II is an exciting game to watch with a lot of subtle nuances. If you’re new to StarCraft (or know someone who is), these viewer guides should give you a better idea of the basics and help you enjoy matches at the highest level of competition.


Every game of StarCraft II has similar core components. Here we detail what kind of strategies you can expect from each race, the importance of scouting, how certain units counter other units, and what a cheese strategy is. For brand-new viewers, start here.

Observer Panel

The Observer Panel is the hub for all game information during a match. Getting familiar with this interface will give you a good idea who’s ahead, who’s behind, and what advantage each player has at any given moment. Learning how to read the Observer Panel is the quickest way to understand the flow of a game of high-level StarCraft II.


Micromanagement is the most exciting aspect of competitive StarCraft II for most viewers. This article details some of the most impressive and impactful examples of “micro” from each race. Once you understand this facet of the game, you’ll understand why the crowd or the casters get so excited during key plays.


Macromanagement is less obvious than micromanagement, but it’s still an integral part of what makes a professional StarCraft II player great. Our guide on “macro” focuses on supply, resources, and race-specific mechanics that players need to focus on at home while waging war on the front lines. Many games are won or lost on macro, so being able to follow macro-level play adds an additional level of appreciation for player skill.

Once you have a handle on these elements of the game, you should be ready to watch and follow any professional game of StarCraft II! Observations the casters and game analysts make during these pro matches will add even more to your enjoyment of the game.

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