2017 WCS Challenger North America - Ruling

  • Blizzard Entertainment

During WCS Challenger North America Cup #1, Blizzard Esports received multiple reports of a Terran player, Vindicta (a.k.a. Retribution, Nero), using hacks both in WCS matches and outside of the WCS. Here are the results of our investigation:

Hacking Accusations - Vindicta

First, we conclude that Vindicta did not use hacks during his most recent WCS Challenger matches.

Second, in the many public ladder matches reviewed by us, Vindicta was either not using hacks, or the reported account was not piloted by Vindicta at that time.

In the course of our investigation, we discovered that Vindicta was one of several players logging into accounts that had been actioned for hacking in the past, and also had known hackers logging onto accounts under his name. In light of this, Vindicta has received a ban from play through WCS Austin and WCS Jönköping Challengers and main event, and his position in the WCS Challenger North America Playoffs has been revoked.

Matches will be held among some players he eliminated in NA Cup #1 to determine his replacement.

Account Sharing

We discussed accounts sharing partially in our 2016 Ladder Challenger win-trading ruling, but we would like to reiterate our stance on account sharing. Allowing another player to log onto your account, or logging onto another player’s account is a violation of the Blizzard End User License Agreement. In cases where reports have been made against a shared account, all parties accessing the account may be held responsible by Blizzard Esports when disciplinary actions are taken. Sharing an account will expose your standing in the WCS to disciplinary action.

Player Behavior - Avilo

Blizzard and our tournament administrators strive to provide the best possible tournament experience for our players. We take all reports seriously, especially reports of hacking by players in the WCS. Each report receives a thorough investigation.

We also take player behavior very seriously. In the 2017 WCS Rules section 6.1 we outline our expectations that players will behave in a sportsmanlike manner outside of the game and treat all involved with respect.

Avilo’s behavior during and after his match with Vindicta grossly violated our player conduct guidelines, and cannot be tolerated. Due to the continued breaches of conduct, he will be disqualified from any WCS Austin - Challenger NA competition. However, he will remain eligible for the open bracket at WCS Austin and all other WCS competitions.