Zerg Cull in Jönköping

  • Blizzard Entertainment

On the second day of the World Championship Series (WCS) Jönköping, we were treated to the top Circuit players slugging it out over the course of 8 series. Every match ended with either a dominant 3-0 victory or a tense five-game series. Let’s check out some of the most incredible performances of the day.

Culling of the Zerg

At the top of the day, we had an uneven bracket populated with only two Protoss players, four Terrans, and a staggering 10 Zergs. Today, however, every matchup that pitted a Zerg player against a Terran or a Protoss was a loss for the Zerg. Artur ‘Nerchio’ Bloch fell to Théo ‘PtitDrogo’ Freydière, Christoffer ‘Namshar’ Kolmodin lost to Marc ‘uThermal’ Schlappi, Rickard ‘SortOf’ Bergman was taken out of the tournament by Alex ‘Neeb’ Sunderhaft, and Aleksandr ‘Bly’ Svusuyk fell to Juan Carlos ‘SpeCIal’ Tena Lopez in a crazy series.

Lit Drogo

One player who has undeniably shown a leveled-up performance during this event is PtitDrogo. He defeated Sheldon ‘Seither’ Barrow and Neeb to come out on top in the group stages, and he completely shut down Nerchio in the Round of 16. After coming up short in the group stages of WCS Austin, it shows an insane level of growth to take down both of that event’s finalists in this tournament. If PtitDrogo keeps up this level of play, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him at the Global Finals in BlizzCon for the second year in a row.

Cham’s Nail-Biting Victory

Of all the matches played today, few were as exciting or nerve wracking as Pablo ‘Cham’ Blanco versus Jens ‘Snute’ Aasgaard. Snute is one of the highest earning WCS Circuit players of all time, and currently sits at ninth on the Circuit standings; Cham has had an exceptional run so far this year and sits at seventh. When these two clashed in the Round of 16, we saw some of the craziest back-and-forth games of the tournament so far. With Cham, Diego ‘Kelazhur’ Schwimer, and SpeCIal all moving on to the quarterfinals, we’re guaranteed to see a Latin American player in the semifinals, and we may even see one of them make it to the finals.

WCS Jönköping continues Monday at 4:00 a.m. PDT / 12:00 p.m. CET, when we’ll see the quarterfinals, semifinals, and the grand final play out before the day is done. Tune in to the StarCraft Twitch channel to watch these incredible final matches, and check out the Jönköping event page to see the updated bracket.