Don't Miss the WCS Leipzig Pre-Season

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WCS Pre-season Details

WCS Leipzig is not far away, and that means it's time to prepare by holding the 2018 Pre-season qualifiers! This weekend, from January 5-7, we will hold regional events for both North America and Europe. The top four finishers in each region will earn travel and accommodations to the main event at DreamHack Leipzig in Leipzig, Germany on January 26-28th, along with their share of a $10,000 prize pool! Like in 2017, these finishers will also be automatically seeded into the Round of 32 at WCS Leipzig, and will receive points in the WCS standings to help them earn a spot to the WCS Finals at BlizzCon in 2018.

Last Chance to Sign Up and Compete!

With events slated to begin on Friday at 6:00 PM PST for NA and 6:00 PM CET for EU, this is the final chance to join!

Sign up for Europe

Sign up for North America

Challonge will be used to coordinate and organize matches along with the channel #DHde18.

Format and Schedule

The NA and EU events will be separate tournaments and will both run from Friday through Sunday. Day 1 is an open bracket that will be played until 16 players are left. Day 2 will see those players seeded into 4-man groups, with seeding determined by final 2017 WCS points, and with the top 2 players advancing from each group after playing through a GSL-style dual tournament format. Day 3 will have the final 8 competitors battle in a single elimination playoff to determine the winner of the $1,600 grand prize, as well as determining the top 4 finishers who will earn entry to the round of 32 at WCS Leipzig.

Day 1, Friday January 5th

Europe: 6pm CET

North America: 6pm PST

Day 2, Saturday January 6th

Europe: 7pm CET

North America: 4pm PST

Day 3, Sunday January 7th

Europe: 7pm CET

North America: 4pm PST

At these times we will meet in the #DHde18 channel on to coordinate matches and community casters. Be sure to sign up for WCS Leipzig and secure your spot now!

How to Watch

Stay Updated

Keep up on the latest news surrounding WCS Leipzig by following us on Twitter, or learn more about the StarCraft II World Championship Series by checking out the WCS website at For more information on DreamHack Leipzig, check out their Twitter and Facebook both at @DreamHackSC2, and head over to the DreamHack Leipzig 2018 event page for more info on the live venue. Ticketing information for DreamHack Leipzig can also be found on

Whether you're here to watch or compete, WCS Leipzig is going to be a blast!