Constructing a Pro StarCraft II Player

  • Dave Oliver, Blizzard Entertainment

A professional StarCraft II player isn’t your typical video gamer. These are young people who have turned play into a lifestyle, and they need expert-level skills to achieve any amount of success. These players eat, breathe, and live around the game, training and practicing their entire waking lives while rarely taking a day off.


As the StarCraft II esports community looks to South Korea and the kickoff off of IEM PyeongChang, it’s worth taking a look at what goes into a competitive gamer. While other athletes in that city will be skating, jumping and sweeping ice to secure their legacies on the global stage, a cross-section of WCS pros will be looking to show off their unique skills, sharpened over hundreds of hours of training, with a world of curious fans. All of their physical and mental aspects must operate at the highest level to step on this stage, or any other for that matter, as part of a career playing StarCraft II for a living.