TRUE Chooses GSL over Challenger

  • Blizzard Entertainment

After the WCS extended an offer to compete in either GSL Season 2 or the upcoming season of Challenger, pro player TRUE (Bang Tae Soo) has decided to play in GSL’s Season 2 and forfeit his Circuit eligibility that would’ve allowed him to play in Challenger ahead of WCS Austin.

TRUE’s Challenger spot will be awarded to a player from the WCS North America Ladder, increasing the number of players qualifying from the ladder to five. Also, TRUE can still reestablish residency as a WCS Circuit player by relocating to a WCS Circuit country at least 30 days before the start of WCS Austin’s open bracket.

Because of the residency requirements in the WCS 2018 rules (Section 4.6), it was determined that TRUE could not maintain his residency status to be eligible for WCS Challenger 2018, while also competing in 2018 GSL Season 2.

To compete in the GSL, StarCraft II pro players must live and train in Korea over an extended period of time. WCS Circuit residency requirements, which have been in effect since 2015, are an attempt to balance the field of players, so that Korean nationals must live and train in one of the countries in the Circuit region to compete in a Circuit tournament.

The WCS encourages players to communicate with us proactively if there’s any confusion on residency and especially if they’re attempting to compete across WCS in a non-standard manner. We are aware that, especially in 2018, there have been some unintended consequences stemming from WCS residency rules, and we will be reviewing them to see what will work best for 2019.