The Best in the World Wins at GSL vs. The World

  • Blizzard Entertainment

This is Serral’s world. Everybody else, including the GSL’s elite, understands that now.


The Zerg superstar won the GSL vs. The World tournament after falling behind 0-2 to Stats in the championship series but not before coming back to win a Game 7 and, in the process, realigning the balance of power in the WCS.

Coming into the event, the thought was that Serral had mastered the focus and strategic decision-making necessary to handle the WCS Circuit, but that a field of top GSL pros would be a much greater threat to his 2018 dominance; Korea’s top pros would surely remind everybody about the perceived talent gap between western players and the GSL’s best.

It’s a different world now. The post GSL-vs-The-World reality is that the WCS’ elite includes a handful of proven performers from Korea –2x GSL champion Maru along with reigning WCS Global Champion and IEM Katowice winner Rogue—and an unflappable Finn who might be even better than his four (!) major trophies would suggest.

While WCS Montreal and the conclusion to GSL’s third season will impact discussions about the world’s best StarCraft II player, the final word —from Serral, Rogue, Maru and other worthy competitors— will come at the WCS Global Finals.

For now, have a look at the sights of GSL vs. The World.