Lambo Races to BlizzCon

  • Blizzard Entertainment

When Julian “Lambo” Brosig rolled into WCS Montreal, he was in 13th place in the WCS Standings, part of a herd of hopeful heroes hanging on for a shot at BlizzCon. There was no hard and fast number of points to target for any of the players heading into Montreal. They all needed to win as much as possible just to be in the conversation, but it was Lambo who seized the moment and created his own luck in Quebec.


The simple sequence:

  • On Day 1, Lambo is a direct seed into the last group stage of the tournament.
  • Two quick wins against TIME (who shocked with a strong finish of his own) and Kelazhur pushed Lambo to the playoff bracket.
  • Elazer, Nerchio, and TRUE eliminated in the group stages.
  • Lambo takes care of his own business by beating Zanster and then taking out fellow German and BlizzCon qualifier ShoWTimE in the quarterfinals.
    • Good news—he’d accumulated enough points to reach eighth place in the WCS Circuit Standings.
    • Bad news—he’d drawn Serral as his semifinal opponent.
    • Side note—Nerchio qualifies for BlizzCon after Serral knocks off Lambo
  • To qualify, Lambo needs Serral to beat Reynor in the WCS Montreal final
  • After Game 3 of the championship series, Lambo makes his way on stage to approach Serral, down 1-2, with advice.
    • “I told him some stuff that Reynor does on ladder a bunch. He has some very special builds. And then I just tried to calm him down a bit,” Lambo said. “I think he made some uncharacteristic errors. Up to that point he was my competitor and at the moment I was cheering for him. He’d kind of asked for that if he started losing games.”
  • After Game 7, and Serral’s remarkable comeback, Lambo had an embrace and more words for his newfound ally.
    • “I just thanked him for the insane comeback in the series because I actually thought my BlizzCon dreams were dead,” said an emotionally drained Lambo
  • Next stop, BlizzCon