A Champion is Crowned in Seoul

  • Blizzard Entertainment

The second GSL Super Tournament was taken by Kim “Classic” Doh Woo in a tight championship match against Kim “sOs” Yoo Jin. As thrilled as Classic must be in winning the last tournament before the WCS Global Finals, the slightly bigger story is around sOs.

Classic came into the Super Tournament already having secured his ticket to BlizzCon, but sOs claiming eighth place in the WCS Korea standings puts him in the Global Finals as well. The field of competitors should be concerned because if there’s one thing we know about the two-time WCS Global Champion, it’s that sOs just needs to make it to BlizzCon to be a favorite to win the whole thing. He was an unheralded seed in both his 2013 and 2015 triumphs, so nobody should feel sad for sOs grabbing the last available ticket on the Gosu Trophy train.

Classic moved up into a second place in the WCS Korea standings, however, which should give him a better seed in the group stages and, should he continue to succeed, the knockout round of the tournament.

If their current form is any indication, both sOs and Classic will be players to watch in the Global Final.